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The vocabulary of tennis and the terms we use in talking about it. Background history and famous tennis players. With vocab, example sentences and quiz. Vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers.

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Tennis Terms to Know. ACE – A ball that is served so well the opponent cannot touch it with their racquet. AD – Short for Advantage. It is the point scored after Deuce. If the serving side scores, it is Ad-in. If the receiving side scores, it is Ad-out. ALL – An even score. 30-30 is, for example, 30-all. 3-3 would be 3-all.


TENNIS VOCABULARY All – indicates the scores are level. For example, ’15 all’ means that both players have a score of 15

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Tennis Vocabulary Word List (333) A) Ability, Accidents, Accomplish, Ace, Action, Activity, Advantage, Aggressive, Agility, Alert, Altercation, Amateur, Ambiance, Amusement, Appearance, Approbation, Athlete, Attentive, Attitude, Award, Awesome

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Essential Tennis Glossary: 26 Tennis Terms Explained - 2021 - MasterClass. Articles. Videos. Instructors. The game of tennis is an all-around sport that can improve your hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility. It can also enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To play tennis properly (and fairly), it’s important to become familiar with all the rules and terms.

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We humbly request YOU all to share the collection of words that you may have in your library with us so that we will add those list of words in this page and that will ultimately benefit our visitors like YOU. Here is the Complete List of Vocabulary related to Tennis. Advantage; All ; Backhand; Ball Boy; Ball Change ; Ball Girl; Ball Kid; Ball Person; Baseline; Bounce

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As with any sport, tennis makes use of specific terminology or vocabulary. If you’re just getting into tennis, the terms on this page will help you become more fluent in the words that players use. From scoring and match play to the court and slang, we have you covered. Here are the different types of tennis terms that we cover – click any of these links to jump straight to that section.

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The line that divides the service court into two equal courts called the right and left service courts. Lob. A ball that is hit so that it travels in a high arc. Server. The player who puts the ball in play at the start of the game. Smash. A hard overhead stroke that sends the ball downward over the net. Set.

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